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This article is about restaurant marketing.

It has been a while since I have been thinking about this. Last week my wife and I visited a fine restaurant in this area near my office. We were in the middle of our delicious dinner when an older couple sitting at the table beside ours asked the waiter if they could take a look inside the kitchen. The waiter at first seemed bewildered Blue Allen Iverson Jersey , and then he said, 鈥淣o.鈥?p>

Then it occurred to me that the idea of an open kitchen might be an interesting topic for an article.

With many restaurants popping up everywhere and it鈥檚 only a matter of time before the market is deemed over-saturated, as a restaurant owner, you do not only have to show great service and food, you must also provide a good reason and peripheral details for your customers to talk about your business.

However you need to remember that an open restaurant can either be a good thing or the worst thing for your business. I will talk about the pros and cons.

1. Employees are alert all the time
Is there any better way to keep your employees alert and on their toes all the times than to allow your very customers watch them while they are at work? Sure, there are chefs who do not like the feeling of someone watching them while they prepare meals, but in my experience as a former restaurant owner those employees tend to get used to it over time. The good side of all this is they get to interact with the people who dine on their meals.

2. Customers witness how meals are prepared themselves
By showcasing an open kitchen, the customers themselves gets first hand dibs on how your restaurant operates to serve them. If your restaurant is clean and well-maintained, it will leave a lasting impression.

1. Some diners tend to complain too much
An open kitchen can pose problems too. By leaving your restaurant and staff at the mercy of your customers, some tend to get too nitpicky and point out at the smallest things that do not even know anything about. In other words, they complain for the sake of complaining.

Be prepared to handle these customers when you finally decide to showcase an open kitchen. Also train the manager in case you are not around.

2. Increased maintenance costs
It should be noted that you are going to have to spend more on maintenance and labor if ever you decide to showcase an open restaurant. Simply put, you need to keep your kitchen at its best possible shape. Also you need to replace the equipment and kitchen tools as soon as they show the smallest signs of wear and tear.

With regards to restaurant marketing, you need to consider the pros and cons very carefully before you finally decide to implement an open kitchen. If you do not think about it enough, it might bring upon more disaster than benefit.

Mckenzie is mostly a business man who wants to write The Unknown Benefits And Drawbacks Of Getting A Wide Open Kitchen At The Restaurant in his extra time. Click The Unknown Benefits And Drawbacks Of Getting A Wide Open Kitchen At The Restaurant for ideas.

Increase Revenue by Giving Up Control Marketing Articles | September 2, 2003
Why is it big ... tend to have multiple sales channels such as ... b-to-b, retail and ... while small ... usually have only one?I believe it has to do with control. Many

Why is it big businesses tend to have multiple sales channels such as third-party, b-to-b, retail and ecommerce, while small businesses usually have only one?

I believe it has to do with control. Many small business owners have a difficult time letting others represent them. True, no one ?gets the job done like you.? However; you can only bill so many hours in a day or sell so many products in a week, and if increasing revenue is a priority for you, then you?ll need to extend the availability of your services or products through others. Don?t misunderstand me. There?s nothing wrong with being a one-person-show. In fact, many entrepreneurs prefer this lifestyle. However, many others want to earn big business revenue, which usually comes with some sacrifice of control.

Earn Big Business Revenue By Expanding Your Distribution. Almost any product or service we sell can be sold through a third-party, someone other than ourselves. In exchange, you give the third-party a percentage of your earnings from the business they bring you, or, sell them a product at a reduced rate and they make a profit through product margins. When you approach a company to sell your product or service, there needs be a win-win relationship. Prepare to discuss the following: Where is the revenue stream? What is the compatibility of your third-party?s product line versus yours? How will you help the third-party sell your product? In short, what?s ?in it? for the third-party?

Suppose you?re a graphic artist and you personally make the pitch to close every sale. Instead, expand your distribution by asking printers, specialty advertising companies and consultants to sell your services. Meet in advance to discuss the most common design jobs, the number of hours involved and what the rates will be. Your third-party now pitches her newly available graphic design services (which are actually yours), you complete the work, while the third-party collects the money and cuts you a check for 65% of the profits.

Who should I approach to expand my distribution? Perhaps you?re the owner of a flower shop. Try approaching bridle boutiques, wedding planners or caterers and offer a 15% commission each time they sell one of your custom floral packages. Suppose you?re an accountant. You may think to yourself, ?I provide a highly-specialized service. What third-party could possibly represent me?? There are partners out there for you! However, first, you must consider your customer?s perception o. Cheap Max Shoes Jordan 6 For Sale Nike Air Max 2018 Sale Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap Soccer Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys

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